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We Eat What? by Jonathan Deutsch-P2P

This entertaining and informative encyclopedia examines American regional foods, using cuisine as an engaging lens through which readers can deepen their study of American geography in addition to their understanding of America’s collective cultures.
• Includes dozens of recipes that students and readers can test for themselves
• Highlights and thus preserves the cultural integrity of endangered regional foods
• Supports learning through engagingly written entries accessible to readers of all ages
• Allows readers to think critically about foods and their origins
• Highlights ‘fun facts’ about the entries, including terminology and laws, in sidebars

We Eat What? A Cultural Encyclopedia of Unusual Foods in the United States by Jonathan Deutsch-P2P
English |    PDF Reader   |   Food and Drink     | 39 MB
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Ultimate Braai Master by Justin Bonello-P2P

Justin Bonello goes on yet another adventure across the length and breadth of southern Africa, sharing the ins and outs of road-tripper life. Join him and his friends on a culinary journey into landscapes where there are no fences and no rules. This is a road trip filled with endless car rides, endless playlists, dodgy small town bars and gastronomic treasures hidden in-between.
This book is for every braai-loving, dust-kicking crazy heart and ‘wanderluster’ out there, whether your ideal braai spot is on the banks of the mighty Orange River, on the white beaches of the West Coast or around blazing fires under the night skies of the Namibian desert. This is your invitation to get in your car, take a ride with us and braai mouthwatering dishes in places many people only get to dream about. Warning: It gets a little bumpy, so fasten your seatbelts, pack your sunscreen and embrace the great outdoors!

Ultimate Braai Master: Road Tripping with Justin Bonello by Justin Bonello -P2P
English |   ePUB Reader   |   Food and Drink     | 29 MB
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The Grand Escape by Neal Bascomb -P2P

At the height of World War I, as Allied and German forces battled in the trenches and in the air, any captured soldiers and pilots were sent to a web of German prisons. The most dangerous POWs, the ones most talented at escape, were sent to the camp of Holzminden–better known as “Hellminden.” Protected by every barrier imaginable, its rules enforced with cruel precision, the prison was the pride of a ruthless commandant named Karl Niemeyer.
This is the story of a group of ingenious and defiant Allied pilots and soldiers who dared to escape from Holzminden, right under Niemeyer’s nose. Leading a team that tunneled underneath the prison and far beyond its walls, these breakout artists forged documents, smuggled in supplies, and bribed guards. Twice the tunnel was almost exposed, and the whole plan foiled. But in the end, a group of ten POWs escaped and made it out of enemy territory in the biggest breakout of WWI, which inspired their countrymen in the darkest hours of the war.

The Grand Escape: The Greatest Prison Breakout of the 20th Century by Neal Bascomb-P2P
English |   ePUB Reader   |    History     | 87 MB
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The Perfect Heresy by Stephen O’Shea-P2P

Eight hundred years ago, the Cathars, a group of heretical Christians from all walks of society, high and low, flourished in what is now the Languedoc in Southern France. Their subversive beliefs brought down on them the wrath of Popes and monarchs and provoked a brutal ‘Crusade’ against them. The final defeat of the Cathars was horrific with mass burnings of men, women and children in the village of Montaillou in the Pyrenees.

The Perfect Heresy: The Life and Death of the Cathars by Stephen O’Shea-P2P
English |   ePUB Reader   |    History     | 3 MB
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Chapel Street by Sheila Brady-P2P

Chapel Street was a row of old Georgian terraced lodging houses in Altrincham, home to some 400 Irish, English, Welsh and Italian lodgers. From this tight-knit community of just sixty houses, 161 men volunteered for the First World War. They fought in all the campaigns of the war, with twenty-nine men killed in action and twenty dying from injuries soon after the war; more men were lost in action from Chapel Street than any other street in England. As a result, King George V called Chapel Street ‘the Bravest Little Street in England..

Chapel Street: ‘The Bravest Little Street in England’ by Sheila Brady-P2P
English |   ePUB Reader   |    History     | 7 MB
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Flesh Reborn by Jean-François Lozier-P2P

The Saint Lawrence valley, connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic, was a crucible of community in the seventeenth century. While the details of how this region emerged as the heartland of French colonial society have been thoroughly outlined by historians, much remains unknown or misunderstood about how it also witnessed the formation of a string of distinct Indigenous communities, several of which persist to this day.

Flesh Reborn: The Saint Lawrence Valley Mission Settlements through the Seventeenth Century (McGill-Queen’s French Atlantic Worlds Series), 3rd Edition by Jean-François Lozier-P2p
English |  PDF reader  |    History     | 6 MB
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Washington’s Golden Age by Joseph Dalton-P2P

Real news traveled fast, even in the days before internet connections. During the New Deal and World War II, Washington elites turned to Hope Ridings Miller’s column in the Washington Post to see what was really going on in town. Cocktail parties, embassy receptions and formal dinners were her beat as society editor. “I went as a guest,” said Miller, “and hoped that they’d forget I was a reporter.”
In Washington’s Golden Age, Joseph Dalton chronicles the life of this pioneering woman journalist who covered the powerful vortex of politics, diplomacy, and society during a career that stretched from FDR to LBJ. After joining the Post staff, she was the only woman on the city desk. Later she had a nationally syndicated column. For ten years she edited Diplomat Magazine and then wrote three books about Washington life. Once a girl from a small town in Texas, Miller created a web of connections at the highest levels. In Washington’s Golden Age, Dalton escorts readers inside the Capital’s regal mansions, the hushed halls of Congress, and the Post’s smoky and manly newsroom to rediscover an earlier era of gentility and discretion now relegated to the distant past.

Washington’s Golden Age: Hope Ridings Miller, the Society Beat, and the Rise of Women Journalists by Joseph Dalton-P2P
English |   ePUB Reader   |    History     | 9 MB
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